GTL – Change Your Mindset, Here to help the community save lives

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GTL Change Your Mindset

Mental Health and Suicide is becoming a big problem in our community where men and women feel like they cant talk or ask for help. We need to Change Your Mindset, don’t be ashamed to speak out, therefore we are giving everyone a chance to donate to those who need help and support in our community

Football-7 A Side

GTL – Gypsy Traveller Football leagues is the first of its kind where men from the age of 18+ have a chance to compete with other gypsy’s and travellers in the UK on a 7 a side football pitch. Lets see who can really play football, hopefully one or a few might be able to take it further and get scouted and signed. Who really is the king of kings.

BlackBall Pool

GTL– Blackball Pool League, We all say we can play pool, but who really is the best of the best? Only one way to find out, get yourself involved.

  • GTL is here to change your mindset
  • Getting us all back as one like the good times.
  • Finally getting us recognized for good reasons from the settled community

“I’ve started this GTL movement by myself, hoping that we can all come together as one and make things happen. We don’t need any bad energy, it’s for a good cause”


Success will only happen when we save the lives of these young gypsy traveller men and women. My goal is to make this as big as possible with the help of our own community!!!!!

About Us

GTL is the first of its kind in the UK where gypsy’s and travellers have a chance to be recognized as a footballer or pool player and become successful in their own right.

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